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Utility Transfer Protocol for
Digital Assets
Transfer conditional ownership of NFTs without collateral. Enable NFT rentals, subscriptions, ticketing, etc. usecases


With StreamMoney protocol, existing token can be wrapped with a utility contract where termination and transferability conditions can be customized. Further, The owner can transfer ownership to program derived address (PDA) and transfer utility to borrower of NFTs. Developer can invoke smart contract to get current owner details.

Time Expiry - Token access will be revoked after specified duration that is defined at initialization of contract.

Use Based Expiry - Power ticketing and subscription usecases where token access is revoked after a certain number of usages.


Unlock utilities of NFTs by integrating with Robust API/SDK of StreamMoney Protocol. Wrap existing NFTs and define contraints to power time-locked rentals, subscriptions, or tickets.


Issue assets that expire after usage or time, enable rentals and loans between players, create in-game economies and robust ecosystems.


Create usage-based NFT tickets that expire after being "used", passes that either get revoked from a user's wallet or non-transferrable proof-of-attendance mementos.

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